Aistė Ščiukaitytė Waitress

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I am young woman from Lithuania. Have experience working with tourists in Greece, Switzerland and Lithuania. Would love to come to work to Spain, searching for a permanent or seasonal job in Spain.

I am smiley, positive and happy person with firm character. My life and work experience has taught me that I am hard worker, responsible, attentive, thorough person and I always find energy to do my work good and until the end.

List of my previous works consists of several jobs only for 5-6 months. I used to go to work abroad for summer season and those places do not offer all year long jobs. I enjoy myself very much working at different countries and places. Every time is brand new experience that helps me to improve my professional and language skills. I had pleasure to work with and serve to people from all over the world and that is very interesting experience that I use every day in my life and work. Mostly I worked as a waitress at restaurants and bars, but I am always opened for new things. In my work experience list I did not mention working as a sales woman at designer clothes boutique, waitress at old rock bar, barman`s assistant at a pool bar and nanny at children`s garden. These jobs were recent but non- persistant.

I like being creative, sometimes I write, some other times I keep myself busy with interior design or fashion. I love nature and enjoy it very often doing climbing, cycling, swimming, walking, jogging. Another  passion is dancing, I tried several types of this art and now I like keeping myself active.